Fossils and Strata is an international series of monographs and memoirs in palaeontology and biostratigraphy. It is an outlet for comprehensive systematic and regional monographs, including taxonomic descriptions, and thematic special issues with shorter contributions. Fossils and Strata is published Open Access by Scandinavian University Press (Universitetsforlaget), on behalf of the Lethaia Foundation.

Editor-in-chief: Svend Stouge

Series online ISSN: 2637-6032

Series DOI: 10.1002/SERIES2312

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Fossils and Strata 53

Alsen, Peter, 2006: The Early Cretaceous (late Ryazanian–early Hauterivian) ammonite fauna of north-east Greenland: taxonomy, biostratigraphy and biogeography. Fossils and Strata 53, 1–229.

Fossils and Strata 52

Monnet, Claude & Bucher, Hugo, 2005: New middle and late Anisian (Middle Triassic) ammonoid faunas from northwestern Nevada (USA): taxonomy and biochronology. Fossils and Strata 52, 1–121.

Fossils and Strata 51

Barry D. Webby, M. Gabriela Mángano & Luis A. Buatois (eds.), 2004: Trace fossils in evolutionary palaeocology: Proceedings of Session 18 (Trace Fossils) of the First International Palaeontological Congress, Sydney, Australia, July 2002. Fossils and Strata 51, 1–153.

  • Webby, Barry D., Buatois, Luis A. & Mángano, M. Gabriela: Preface (iii)
  • Buatois, Luis A. & Mángano, M. Gabriela: Synopses (iv–v)
  • Buatois, Luis A. & Mángano, M. Gabriela: Terminal Proterozoic–Early Cambrian ecosystems: ichnology of the Puncoviscana Formation, northwest Argentina (1–16)
  • Mángano, M. Gabriela & Buatois, Luis A.: Reconstructing early Phanerozoic intertidal ecosystems: ichnology of the Cambrian Campanario Fromation in northwest Argentina (17–38)
  • Uchman, Alfred: Deep-sea trace fossils controlled by palaeo-oxygenation and decomposition: an example from the Lower Cretaceous dark flysch deposits of the Silesian Unit, Carpathians, Poland (39–57)
  • Kakuwa, Yoshitaka: Trace fossils from the Triassic–Jurassic deep water, oceanic radiolarian chert successions of Japan (58–67)
  • Hubbard, Stephen M., Gingras, Murray K. & Pemberton, G.: Palaeoenvironmental implications of trace fossils in estuary deposits of the Cretaceous Bluesky Formation, Cadotte region, Alberta, Canada (68–87)
  • Gregory, Murray R., Martin, Anthony J. & Campbell, Kathleen A.: Compund trace fossils formed by plant and animal interactions: Quaternary of New Zealand and Sapelo Island, Georgia (USA) (88–105)
  • Adami-Rodrigues, Karen, Iannuzzi, Roberto & Pinto, Irajá Damiani: Permian plant–insect interactions from a Gondwana flora of southern Brazil (106–125)
  • Glaub, Ingrid & Vogel, Klaus: The stratigraphic record of microborings (126–135)
  • Braddy, Simon J.: Ichnological evidence for the arthropod invasion of land (136–140)
  • Carmona, Noelia B., Buatois, Luis A. & Mángano, M. Gabriela: The trace fossil record of burrowing decapod crustaceans: evaluating evolutionary radiations and behavioural convergence (141–153)
Fossils and Strata 50

Young, Gavin C. (ed.), 2004: Lower vertebrates from the Palaeozoic: First International Palaeontological Congress, Sydney, Australia, July 2002. Fossils and Strata 50, 1–123.

  • Young, Gavin C.: Preface (iii–iv)
  • Pernegre, Vincent N.: Biostratigraphy of Pteraspidiformes (Agnatha, Heterostraci) from the Wood Bay Formation, Spitsbergen (1–7)

  • Burrow, Carloe J.: Acanthodian fishes with dentigerous jaw bones: the Ischnacanthiformes and Acanthodopsis (8–22)
  • Young, Gavin C. & Burrow, Carole J.: Diplacanthid acanthodians from the Aztec Siltstone (late Middle Devonian) of southern Victoria Land, Antarctica (23–43)
  • Dupret, Vincent: The phylogenetic relationships between actinolepids (Placodermi: Arthrodira) and other arthrodires (phlyctaeniids and brachythoracids) (44–55)
  • Ritchie, Alex: A new genus and two new species of groenlandaspidid arthrodire (Pisces: Placodermi) from the Early–Middle Devonian Mulga Downs Group of western New South Wales, Australia (56–81)
  • Ivanov, Alexander & Rodina, Olga: A new omalodontid-like shark from the Late Devonian (Famennian) of western Siberia, Russia (82–91)
  • Gaël, Clément & Janvier, Philippe: Powichthys spitsbergensis sp. nov., a new member of the Dipnomorpha (Sarcopterygii, lobe-finned fishes) from the Lower Devonian of Spitsbergen, with remarks on basal dipnomorph anatomy (92–112)
  • Sumida, Stuart S., Berman, David S., Eberth, David A. & Henrici, Amy C.: A terrestrial vertebrate assemblage from the late Palaeozoic of central Germany, and its bearing on Lower Permian palaeoenvironments (113–123)

Maas, Andreas, Waloszek, D. & Müller, Klaus J. , 2003: Morphology, ontogeny and phylogeny of the Phosphatocopina (Crustacea) from the Upper Cambrian "Orsten" of Sweden. Fossils and Strata 49, 1–238.

Fossils and Strata 48

Rasmussen, Jan Audun, 2001: Conodont biostratigraphy and taxonomy of the Ordovician shelf margin deposits in the Scandinavian Caledonides. Fossils and Strata 48, 1–179.

Fossils and Strata 47

Ebbestad, Jan Ove Røysi, 1999: Trilobites of the Tremadoc Bjørkåsholmen Formation in the Oslo Region, Norway. Fossils and Strata 47, 1–118.

Fossils and Strata 46

Moczydłowska, Małgorzata, 1998: Cambrian acritarchs from Upper Silesia, Poland – biochronology and tectonic implications. Fossils and Strata 46, 1–121.

Fossils and Strata 45

Xianguang, Hou & Bergström, Jan, 1997: Arthropods of the Lower Cambrian Chengjiang fauna, southwest China. Fossils and Strata 45, 1–116.

Fossils and Strata 44

Christensen, Walter Kegel & Schulz, Max-Gotthard, 1997: Coniacian and Santonian belemnite faunas from Bornholm, Denmark. Fossils and Strata 44, 1–73.

Kennedy, William James & Christensen, Walter Kegel, 1997: Santonian to Maastrichtian ammonites from Scania, southern Sweden. Fossils and Strata 44, 75–128.

Fossils and Strata 43

Widmark, Joen G.V., 1997: Deep-sea benthic foraminifera from Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary strata in the South Atlantic – taxonomy and paleoecology. Fossils and Strata 43, 1–94.

Fossils and Strata 42

Jensen, Sören, 1997: Trace fossils from the Lower Cambrian Mickwitzia sandstone, south-central Sweden. Fossils and Strata 42, 1–111.

Fossils and Strata 41

Bornmalm, Lennart, 1997: Taxonomy and paleoecology of late Neogene benthic foraminifera from the Caribbean Sea and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean. Fossils and Strata 41, 1–96.

Fossils and Strata 40

Jarvik, Erik, 1996: The Devonian tetrapod Ichthyostega. Fossils and Strata 40, 1–213.

Fossils and Strata 39

Baarli, B. Gudveig, 1995: Orthacean and strophomenid brachiopods from the Lower Silurian of the central Oslo Region. Fossils and Strata 39, 1–93.

Fossils and Strata 38

Nielsen, Arne Thorshøj, 1995: Trilobite systematics, biostratigraphy and palaeoecology of the Lower Ordovician Komstad Limestone and Huk Formations, southern Scandinavia. Fossils and Strata 38, 1–374.

Fossils and Strata 37

Noe-Nygaard, Nanna, 1995: Ecological, sedimentary, and geochemical evolution of the late-glacial to postglacial Åmose lacustrine basin, Denmark. Fossils and Strata 37, 1–436.

Fossils and Strata 36

Kielan-Jaworowska, Zofia & Gambaryan, Petr P., 1994: Postcranial anatomy and habits of Asian multituberculate mammals. Fossils and Strata 36, 1–92.

Fossils and Strata 35

Popov, Leonid & Holmer, Lars E., 1994: Cambrian–Ordovician lingulate brachiopods from Scandinavia, Kazakhstan, and South Ural Mountain. Fossils and Strata 35, 1–156.

Fossils and Strata 34

Butterfield, Nicholas J., Knoll, Andrew H. & Swett, Keene, 1994: Paleobiology of the Neoproterozoic Svanbergfjellet Formation, Spitsbergen. Fossils and Strata 34, 1–84.

Fossils and Strata 33

Liljedahl, Louis, 1994: Silurian nuculoid and modiomorphid bivalves from Sweden. Fossils and Strata 33, 1–89.

Fossils and Strata 32

Walossek, Dieter, 1993: The Upper Cambrian Rehbachiella kinnekullensis and the phylogeny of Branchiopoda and Crustacea. Fossils and Strata 32, 1–202.

Fossils and Strata 31

Smith, Andrew B. & Bengtson, Peter, 1991: Cretaceous echinoids from north-eastern Brazil. Fossils and Strata 31, 1–88.

Fossils and Strata 30

Werdelin, Lars & Solounias, Nikos, 1991: The Hyaenidae: taxonomy, systematics and evolution. Fossils and Strata 30, 1–104.

Fossils and Strata 29

Moczydłowska, Małgorzata, 1991: Acritarch biostratigraphy of the Lower Cambrian and the Precambrian–Cambrian boundary in southeastern Poland. Fossils and Strata 29, 1–127.

Fossils and Strata 28

Müller, Klaus J. & Hinz, Ingelore, 1991: Upper Cambrian conodonts from Sweden. Fossils and Strata 28, 1–153.

Fossils and Strata 27

Majoran, Stefan, 1989: Mid-Cretaceous Ostracoda of northeastern Algeria. Fossils and Strata 27, 1–67.

Fossils and Strata 26

Holmer, Lars E., 1989: Middle Ordovician phosphatic inarticulate brachiopods from Västergötland and Dalarna, Sweden. Fossils and Strata 26, 1–172.

Fossils and Strata 25

Bergman, Claes F., 1989: Silurian paulinitid polychaetes from Gotland. Fossils and Strata 25, 1–128.

Fossils and Strata 24

Yi, Qian & Bengtson, Stefan, 1989: Palaeontology and biostratigraphy of the Early Cambrian Meishucunian Stage in Yunnan Province, South China. Fossils and Strata 24, 1–156.

Fossils and Strata 23

Müller, Klaus J. & Walossek, Dieter, 1988: External morphology and larval development of the Upper Cambrian maxillopod Bredocaris admirabilisFossils and Strata 23, 1–70.

Fossils and Strata 22

Hessel, Maria Helena Ribeiro, 1988: Lower Turonian inoceramids from Sergipe, Brazil: systematics, stratigraphy and palaeoecology. Fossils and Strata 22, 1–49.

Fossils and Strata 21

Berthou, Pierre-Yves & Bengtson, Peter, 1988: Stratigraphic correlation by microfacies of the Cenomanian-Coniacian of the Sergipe Basin, Brazil. Fossils and Strata 21, 1–88.

Fossils and Strata 20

Johansen, Marianne Bagge, 1987: Brachiopods from the Maastrichtian–Danian boundary sequence at Nye Kløv, Jylland, Denmark. Fossils and Strata 20, 1–99.

Fossils and Strata 19

Müller, Klaus J. & Walossek, Dieter, 1987: Morphology, ontogeny and life habit of Agnostus pisiformis from the Upper Cambrian of Sweden. Fossils and Strata 19, 1–124.

Fossils and Strata 18

Stridsberg, Sven, 1985: Silurian oncocerid cephalopods from Gotland. Fossils and Strata 18, 1–65.

Fossils and Strata 17

Müller, Klaus J. & Walossek, Dieter, 1985: Skaracarida, a new order of Crustacea from the Upper Cambrian of Västergötland, Sweden. Fossils and Strata 17, 1–65.

Fossils and Strata 16

Stouge, Svend Sandbergh, 1984: Conodonts of the Middle Ordovician Table Head Formation, western Newfoundland. Fossils and Strata 16, 1–145.

Fossils and Strata 15

Bengtson, Stefan (ed.), 1983: Taxonomy, ecology and identity of conodonts: Proceedings of ECOS III, Lund, 1982. Fossils and Strata 15, 1–192.

  • Bengtson, Stefan: The early history of the Conodonta (5–19)

  • Broadhead, Thomas W.: Patterns and processes in conodont evolution: a prospectus (19–20)

  • Szaniawski, Hubert: Structure of protoconodont elements (20–27)

  • Cheng-Yuan, Wang & Zhi-Hao, Wang: Review of conodont biostratigraphy in China (29–33)

  • Bergström, Stig M.: Biogeography, evolutionary relationships, and biostratigraphic significance of Ordovician platform conodonts (35–58)

  • Dzik, Jerzy: Relationships between Ordovician Baltic and North American Midcontinent conodont faunas (59–85)

  • Jeppsson, Lennart: Simple-cone studies: some provocative thoughts (86)

  • Moskalenko, Tamara A.: Conodonts and biostratigraphy in the Ordovician of the Siberian Platform (87–94)

  • Nowlan, Godfrey S.: Early Silurian conodonts of eastern Canada (95–110)

  • Männik, Peep: Silurian conodonts from Severnaya Zemlya (111–119)

  • Jeppsson, Lennart: Silurian conodont faunas from Gotland (121–144)

  • Bao-Yu, Lin: New developments in conodont biostratigraphy of the Silurian of China (145–147)

  • Broadhead, Thomas W. & McComb, Ronald: Paedomorphosis in the conodont family Icriodontidae and the evolution of Icriodus (149–154)

  • Serpagli, Enrico: The conodont apparatus of Icriodus woschmidti woschmidti Ziegler (155–161)

  • Bultynck, Pierre: Origin and development of the conodont genus Ancyrodella in the late Givetian–early Frasnian (163–168)

  • Repetski, John E. & Henry, Thomas W.: A Late Mississippian conodont faunule from area of proposed Pennsylvanian System stratotype, eastern Appalachians (169–170)

  • Clark, David L. & Hatleberg, Eric W.: Paleoenvironmental factors and the distribution of conodonts in the Lower Triassic of Svalbard and Nepal (171–175)

  • Orchard, Michael James: Epigondolella populations and their phylogeny and zonation in the Upper Triassic (177–192)

Fossils and Strata 14

Björck, Svante, 1981: A stratigraphic study of Late Weichselian deglaciation, shore displacement and vegetation history in south-eastern Sweden. Fossils and Strata 14, 1–93.

Fossils and Strata 13

Löfgren, Anita, 1978: Arenigian and Llanvirnian conodonts from Jämtland, northern Sweden. Fossils and Strata 13, 1–129.

Fossils and Strata 12

Bengtson, Peter, 1983: The Cenomanian-Coniacian of the Sergipe Basin, Brazil. Fossils and Strata 12, 1–78.

Fossils and Strata 11

Larsson, Kent, 1979: Silurian tentaculitids from Gotland and Scania. Fossils and Strata 11, 1–180.

Fossils and Strata 10

Hansen, Hans Jørgen & Lykke-Andersen, Anne-Lise, 1976: Wall structure and classification of fossil and recent elphidiid and nonionid Foraminifera. Fossils and Strata 10, 1–37.

Fossils and Strata 9

Vidal, Gonzalo, 1976: Late Precambrian microfossils from the Visingsö Beds in southern Sweden. Fossils and Strata 9, 1–57.

Fossils and Strata 8

Bjerreskov, Merete, 1975: Llandoverian and Wenlockian graptolites from Bornholm. Fossils and Strata 8, 1–93.

Fossils and Strata 7

Christensen, Walter Kegel, 1975: Upper Cretaceous belemnites from the Kristianstad area in Scania. Fossils and Strata 7, 1–69.

Fossils and Strata 6

Jeppsson, Lennart, 1974: Aspects of Late Silurian conodonts. Fossils and Strata 6, 1–54.

Fossils and Strata 6

Laufeld, Sven, 1974: Silurian Chitinozoa from Gotland. Fossils and Strata 5, 1–130

Fossils and Strata 4

Martinsson, Anders (ed.), 1975. Evolution and morphology of the Trilobita, Trilobitoidea, and Merostomata: Proceedings of the Oslo Meeting, 1973. Fossils and Strata 4, 1–467.

  • Clarkson, Euan N.K.: The evolution of the eye in trilobites (7–31)
  • Jell, Peter A.: The abathochroal eye of Pagetia, a new type of trilobite eye (33–43)
  • Cisne, John L.: Anatomy of Triarthrus and the relationships of the Trilobita (45–63)
  • Campbell, Kenton S.W.: The functional morphology of Cryptolithus (65–86)
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  • Dalingwater, John E.: Further observations on eurypterid cuticules (271–279)
  • Fischer, Daniel C.: Swimming and burrowing in Limulus and Mesolimulus (281–290)
  • Bergström, Jan: Functional morphology and evolution of xiphosurids (291–305)
  • Ross, Reuben James Jr.: Early Paleozoic trilobites, sedimentary facies, lithospheric plates, and ocean currents (307–329)
  • Fortey, Richard A.: Early Ordovician trilobite communities (331–352)
  • Dean, William T.: Cambrian and Ordovician correlation and trilobite distribution in Turkey (353–373)
  • Apollonov, Mikhail K.: Ordovician trilobite assemblages of Kazakhstan (375–380)
  • Stitt, James H.: Adaptive radiation, trilobite paleoecology, and extinction, Ptychaspidid Biomere, Late Cambrian of Oklahoma (381–390)
  • Ormiston, Allen R.: Siegenian trilobite zoogeography in Arctic North America (391–398)
  • Chlupac, Ivo: The distribution of phacopid trilobites in space and time (399–408)
  • Tomczykowa, Ewa: Homalonotinae in Upper Silurian and lowermost Devonian biostratigraphy and palaeogeography (409–414)
  • Hughes, Christopher P.: Redescription of Burgessia bella from the Middle Cambrian Burgess Shale, British Columbia (415–435)
  • Hessler, Robert R. & Newman, William A.: A trilobitomorph origin for the Crustacea (437–459)
  • Temple, John T.: Standardisation of trilobite orientation and measurement (461–467)
Fossils and Strata 3

Bassett, Michael G. & Cocks, Leonard R.M., 1974: A review of Silurian brachiopods from Gotland. Fossils and Strata 3, 1–56.

Fossils and Strata 2

Bergström, Jan, 1973: Organization, life, and systematics of trilobites. Fossils and Strata 2, 1–69.

Fossils and Strata 1

Jessen, Hans, 1972: Schultergürtel und Pectoralflosse bei Actinopterygiern. Fossils and Strata 1, 1–101.