Lethaia is an international journal with focus on advances in palaeobiological and stratigraphical research. It is a formal outlet for the International Commission on Stratigraphy and the International Palaeontological Association. The journal welcomes internationally intereresting articles in the fields of palaeontology and stratigraphy, such as development of new ideas and methods and descriptions of new features of wide significance (i.e. not routine descriptions). Palaeobiology and ecostratigraphy are among the journal's core topics. Lethaia is published Open Access by Scandinavian University Press (Universitetsforlaget), on behalf of the Lethaia Foundation.

The complete archive of Lethaia can be found at idunn.no/journal/let.


Editor-in-chief: Peter Doyle

Editors: Brooks B. Britt, Jan Ove Ebbestad, M. Gabriela Mángano

Online ISSN:1502-3931

Information on how to submit a manuscript can be found on the journal website.